We decided to launch our women’s collection in order to introduce a story …there are many layers to this story. One of which is our belief that women are empowered, motivating, and inspiring. Another layer is about the sport of boxing and the club to which Anna Farrant belongs to.

Anna Farrant is a boxer and trainer at Eastside Boxing Club – a non-profit volunteer club that volunteers for at-risk youth and women that deal with violence and abuse in Vancouver’s notorious east side. The club opened only 6 months ago with the help of fundraising by Aprons for Gloves.

The new location quickly became a foothold in a community that needed a safe haven for kids.

However – the club has since sustained heavy damage due to a fire in a neighbouring unit and all of the equipment, worth over $20,000, needs to be replaced.

We at STR/KE MVMNT are deeply inspired by both Anna and the club which she represents and we will be working more closely with them in the future. Together we are United by Motion.

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